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Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger Natalie in the City reviews ASOS Curve Self Stripe Paneled Midi Dress.

You can probably tell by the title of this post that this dress reminds me of a skyscraper—maybe it’s the lines or the structured illusion the paneled dress creates. But unfortunately, just like my last blog post, this is another outfit fail for me.

I had the highest hopes for this ASOS Curve Self Stripe Paneled Midi Dress because it was unlike anything I have ever seen before. I was convinced that this would fit me so well and look so good on my curves. I loved that the black part of the dress made me feel like I was wearing a mini bodycon even though it was a midi dress.

I found this dress on ASOS, just like my last fail. I’m not sure why I have had such bad luck ordering from the reatiler because they literally don’t photoshop their models and they also have try on videos that show me what the clothing looks like In motion. However, with both this dress and the sweatshirt / pleated satin dress, I feel like I was mislead.

I feel like the biggest fit issues I have are because of my height. Maybe I mislead myself into thinking that these dresses would look good on my body even though the models were much taller than me. Oftentimes, I see something like this dress on a taller woman, and I rarely ever consider how the dress will fit my petite frame.

I wanted the Self Stripe Paneled Midi Dress to fit me like a bodycon from top to bottom. However, because I’m shorter, the bottom of the dress was looser, and I think that ultimately took away from the stunning silhouette the dress was intended to create. Looking back at the pictures, the dress actually looks pretty good on me, but I didn’t feel as confident as I wanted to in it, which is why I sent it back.

I rarely ever share my “fashion fails” with you all, but I have found it so refreshing to be honest about things that don’t fit me well. It’s important to remember that not everything I order fits me! I have frustrating moments in dressing rooms, too. I hope you find this information helpful!

SIZING INFO: I ordered a size 18 in the ASOS Curve Self Stripe Paneled Midi Dress, which is my usual size, and I think it fit okay. Ultimately, I wasn’t happy with the fit because the top of the dress was a bit restricting while the bottom portion of the dress was very loose.

Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger Natalie in the City reviews ASOS Curve Self Stripe Paneled Midi Dress.

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