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Mixed Feelings

Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger Natalie in the City reviews an ASOS Mini dress made of sweater and pleats.

If one dress could accurately describe my current situation, it’s this one. I was so attracted to this Curve Plisse Mix Sweat Dress months ago when I saw it on one of my Instagram friends, and when I scrolled past it on ASOS last week, I decided to purchase it. Here’s the thing: it looked so good on my friend, and I loved the idea of it. Even just waiting for it to arrive, I was so excited. I mean, who would have ever thought that pleated satin could be paired with a sweatshirt. It was a genius idea…until it wasn’t.

The dress arrived, and I ripped open the package recklessly—I wouldn’t need to return this dress, it was what dreams were made of! I put it on and jumped in front of the mirror and instantly felt disappointed. Not only did the dress totally mask all of my curves, but the materials weren’t as luxe as they appeared online. I wore it around the house for am hour to see if little passes by the mirror could coax me into loving it. Welp, I ended up returning it. I still wanted to post about this dress because it came with some realizations.

Typically with an oversized, boxy dress like this, I would belt it to show off my curves more. But this dress just stumped me. I don’t know how I would belt a sweatshirt dress like this with the pleats. I kind of just gave up. Another problem I encountered with this dress was that it was such a strange length on me—this is typical for me because I am so short. Most midi dresses fall too far below my knees—and sometimes “mini” dresses do this, too—which I hate. Because I am only 5’2, I either want my dresses to fit me short or maxi. While I did love the soft grey and blush tones of the dress, I feel like they weren’t the best on my skin tone.

While I think these pictures actually turned out so cute, nothing could really convince me to keep this dress. UGH…It’s so cute, just not for me!

SIZING INFO: I am wearing size 18 in the Curve Plisse Mix Sweat Dress, which is my usual size, and I would say that the dress fit okay. It’s naturally a loose and oversized sweater, so it may seem like it’s a little bit big on me.

Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger Natalie in the City reviews an ASOS Mini dress made of sweater and pleats.
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