What is in store for fashion during the winter months? Here are some trends you should try to boost your spirits on the chilliest days of the year!

must haves winter

Off-the-shoulder sweatshirts, blouses, and dresses can be chic, but also casual. Try an off-the-shoulder dress for a classy look with a slight touch of sexy, when you go out to dinner or the club. Off-the-shoulder sweatshirts are can look slouchy and lazy, unless you pair them with jeans and a few accessories. This sweatshirt is your key to being comfortable and chic all at once.
Eye catching boots are starting to make their presence known on runways all over the world. I’m all about a simple tan, gray, or black boot, but that preference might be changing. If you are going to incorporate boots with a lot of bold detail, the rest of your outfit should not clash with the boots. You should choose a simple or neutral ensemble to go with your boots.
Over sized outerwear, need I say anymore? We love our over sized cardigans and comfortable coats, plus they keep us warm. incorporating over sized outwear to your outfits can be fun and challenging. Under my over sized coats I try to keep all of my other clothes fitted. Too much loose clothing can cause excess bulk.
When I say “menswear” I don’t mean run into your boyfriend’s closet and throw on his shirt, but I guess you could do that. Over sized blazers and collard shirts are very popular this winter. These items of clothing become your go-to for any outfit pick me up. They are perfect for you every day ensembles, and they can also double as formal attire. 
Pink is the new black, seriously. Along with pastels being a must have for winter fashion, pink is right there in the mix. The great thing about this trend is that it covers the whole pink spectrum. Dark pink, light pink, and bright pink are all acceptable in almost every aspect of an outfit. 

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