The Writing On My Jeans

Everyone always asks me how and when I started to have a love for fashion. So I thought I would share a little story with you guys….

I think I was 10. I had these bell-bottom jeans with writing all over them. I thought they were the coolest thing ever, so did my mom. My dad wouldn’t let me out of the house with them on, so I would sneak them out. 

Paired with a metallic purple leather jacket and pink velour Dr. Marten boots, I was definitely something to look…. I mean, stare at. 

In second grade I wore a cow print skirt with fishnets and a Tina Turner looking wig for Halloween and I was “me” or “Tina Turner” or what ever got me the weirdest look.

I was always that goofy kid that you couldn’t quite understand.

I toned my style down a bit when I got into high school. I just moved from Orange County, CA to Boise, ID and to say it was a culture shock, is a huge understatement.

It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that my style transformed into something sophisticated and unique. I started to appreciate the more technical side of fashion such as the language, theories and trends. Before I knew it, I was writing fashion and telling everyone what to wear. 

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