Plus Size Moon Boots Outfits

I will never forget the first pair of Moon Boots I bought with my first paycheck. I was in high school, and I would wear my cotton candy pink Moon Boots with everything! But now that my style is more refined, I have been thinking about different outfits to wear my icon low black Moon Boots with.

If you follow me on TikTok or Instagram, chances are you saw my plus size moon boots outfits! You can shop every single piece down below or on my LTK!

If you’re looking for more plus size winter outfits like this one, I will be sharing more plus size outfits on TikTok for the next 30 days! Follow me on TikTok here!

SIZING INFO: I am wearing an XXL in the Old Navy long sleeve top, a 1X in the Fabletics leggings, an XL in the puffer vest, a 2X in the colorful sweater, an 3X in the mini skirt, a 2X in the faux leather leggings, a 2X in the gray sweater, a 2X in the checkerboard sweater, and a size XXL in the puffer jacket. 

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