Plus Size Cargo Pants and Corset Top

This is my official entry into the plus size cargo pants and corset top outfit. Pairing baggy cargo pants with a feminine corset top really feel like me. When I was a kid, I lived in baggy cargo pants, and now, my style is more feminine, but I still have tendencies to shop in the men’s section. And that’s precisely where I got these cargo pants.

Terry, my boyfriend, likes to shop at H&M. So, I usually go with him and use the opportunity to do my own shopping in the men’s section. I love getting hoodies, cargo pants, and t-shirts. I am wearing a size XXL in these cargo pants, which fit me very well!

If you love this outfit, you can shop it below or visit my LTK page!

SIZING INFO: I am wearing a size 2 in the corset top from Fashion to Figure, but I suggest sizing up. The top is very tight and doesn’t stretch much. I am wearing a size XXL in the cargo pants and they fit me well!

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