Petite Plus Size Outfit of the Day – 4/1/22

Petite plus size outfit of the day on my size 18 / 5’2 body! I feel like my mom probably wore an outfit identical to this in the ‘90s…and it’s her birthday today! Aside from that fun fact, I am really enjoying taking chances with my style and trying different silhouettes.

See this outfit in motion on Instagram!

I used to think that I knew what looked good on me and that I had to stick with those styles. But what does “look good on me” mean? As long as it feels good and I want to wear it, those should be the only two things determining whether I wear something or not. These dad jeans are a new shape and fit for me, and I love the way they are challenging me to embrace new styles. (They come in a short inseam… so it’s a win for us petite gals!) and yes, the button closure is diagonal… no it’s not just your eyes… and I LOVE this detail. It may not be for everyone… I understand!

SIZING INFO: I am wearing a size 35 SHORT in these jeans, an XXL in this beige top, an 18 in this faux leather blazer, a 1X in my sweater, which I cropped, and a size XL in these men’s sweatpants!

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