Will Old Navy’s FitsYou 3 Sizes-In-1 Jeans Fit?

How do the FitsYou 3-Sizes-in-1 (Sizes: 14-18) Old Navy jeans fit on two different size 18 bodies? Maddie Touma and I tried out the jeans to show you how they look! While Maddie and I are both a size 18, our bodies are shaped differently. While the jeans fit Maddie with ease, I had to squeeze into them a little more. However, the jeans did fit me and I plan on wearing them! These plus size jeans are not petite though, so they are a little long on me.

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SIZING INFO: Maddie and I are wearing a size 14-18 in these 3-Sizes-in-1 jeans. They fit, but they are very long on me. The jeans are very stretchy and comfortable! 

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