My Favorite Plus Size Non-Rev Outfit

Non-rev outfit of the day on my size 18 / 5’2 body! I need to be in New York today for work. You may be wondering what “non-rev” is or what it means….IYKYK. But if you don’t know… I work for an airline and we fly as “non-revenue / non-rev” passengers. So, when I travel, I have a dress code to abide by (no more wearing sweats and cropped hoodies for me). BUT that’s okay because I found the most perfect travel outfit from Torrid that looks professional but feels sooo good! It’s a Ponte material so it stretches and feels very comfortable all day! 

SIZING INFO: I am wearing a size 2 in the tank top, and the blazer! I am wearing a size 18 short in the pants! Everything fits me so well!

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