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Elomi Plus Size Lingerie Review

One of the qualities that I admire most about myself is that I am always challenging myself. Whether that means diving deeper into learning about myself or conquering the goals I set, I am always looking forward. So when I heard about Elomi Lingerie’s Live Limitless Challenge, I couldn’t resist entering!

Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger Natalie in the City, tries Elomi Lingerie's Live Limitless Challenge.
Before the Live Limitless Challenge, I had never heard of Elomi. So I decided to go to Nordstrom and get fitted for an Elomi bra. I met with a fit specialist who knew a ton about the brand, and she took my measurements. I have been wearing a C-cup for years now because I thought that was my size, but after we got through with measurements, the specialist told me that I was actually an F-cup. I couldn’t believe it, but at the same time, it all started making sense when I started thinking about the irritation and pain I experience when wearing bras—I was wearing bras that were way too small and didn’t fit me well. One of the Live Limitless Challenges is to go for an Elomi Bra Fitting, so if you complete this challenge, be sure to share all about it on Instagram! More about the challenge here: Live Limitless Challenge 22.

One of the challenges that spoke to my soul was Challenge 6: Blast Your Motivational Anthem.Every morning, I try to consistently recite positive affirmations that I set the night before to help put my day and mindset on the right path. These positive affirmations vary from day to day, but they usually remind me of my goals and the mindset that I want to be in. What doesn’t vary are the affirmations about my body—those are on the list every morning. Some days when I read these affirmations, I challenge myself to go deeper. I put on an outfit or lingerie like Elomi Lingerie’s Sadie set, and look at myself in the mirror while reciting the affirmations I’ve written. And that is my motivational anthem.
Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger Natalie in the City, tries Elomi Lingerie's Live Limitless Challenge.
Another way I channel and build confidence is in the gym. But it’s not the workout that pumps me up, it’s more so the actual challenge of going to the gym when you fear being judged harshly that makes me proud. I spotted Elomi’s Live Limitless Challenge 15: Say “No” to Workout Intimidation, and I decided to share how I beat workout blues. Whether I’m at the gym or in a yoga class, I fear of being judged when I workout because of my size. But when I saw that my body didn’t ever hold me back from completing every class, workout, or sport that I did, I truly gained confidence in these situations. But I have my off days, and I know that the gym is not a place for *faasshhhuuunnn,* however, what I am wearing is a direct correlation to how confident I’m feeling. So I make sure my gym looks make me feel bad ass, and I also make sure that my sports bra is the most supportive thing in my life. For this challenge, I wore Elomi’s Energise Sports Bra, which I loved.
Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger Natalie in the City, tries Elomi Lingerie's Live Limitless Challenge.
This next challenge was a little unexpected, but when I saw it, I felt like it was made for me.This year was a bucket list year for me, I went to Paris, NYFW, and I reached huge milestones in my career. While there was a lot of hard work and manifesting that played a role in my successes, there was something else contributing to my skyrocketing confidence: a solid outfit and bold undergarments. Elomi’s Sachi set has been behind my most confident moments because when I look good, I feel good. I know many of you feel that way, too! The Sachi Bra and Brief offer me so much support and make me feel radiant, and it translates to the way I carry myself every day. While I’m so proud of everything I’ve accomplished this year, I’ve got even more goals I want to reach by the end of 2019. That’s why I’m entered Elomi Lingerie’s #LiveLimitless Challenge 13: Setting Career Goals. I have so many more goals I want to accomplish, so this challenge got me so excited for this new year!

Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger Natalie in the City, tries Elomi Lingerie's Live Limitless Challenge.

And that bings me to the last challenge. When was the last time you gave love a chance? For a long time, my idea of “love” was always out of reach because I let people make me think that I didn’t deserve the love I craved because of my body. When I began the journey of learning to love every part of me (still on that journey btw), that’s when I unlocked the greatest love of all: the one who comes from within. When I learned to love myself, I only allowed people who had the same level of love to offer me that I offered myself. A lot of times we look for love and validation in others before looking for it within ourselves. And that’s why I’m entering Elomi Lingerie’s #LiveLimitless Challenge with #LLChallenge14: Give Love a Chance because every woman should take the opportunity to learn her depths and what sets her soul on fire.

I had so much fun completing these challenges and discovering some gorgeous lingerie in the process!

Thank you to Elope Lingerie for sponsoring this post. I am a huge proponent of brands that promote inclusivity and sell high-quality, well-fitting clothing. All opinions expressed in this post are 110% my own! Thank you for continuing to support the brands that make Natalie in the City a possibility!

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