My Custom Leather Backpack from Laudi Vidni

petite plus size fashion blogger and influencer Natalie in the City wears Eloquii and a Laudi Vidni backpack in Chicago.

I am so excited to introduce my custom-made leather backpackβ€”and this adorable plus size outfit from Eloquii. I was in need of a high-quality leather bag, and I couldn’t think of a better place to go to than Laudi Vidni where I could design my bag the way I want!

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I recently made a huge career transition, which is so exciting! As I prepared to head into a new office and industry, one of my first thoughts was about what I would wear, of course. Aside from cute plus size work outfits, I also needed a reliable, high-quality bag or backpack to carry my stuff as I walk to the office every day. I wanted a bag that was sleek, high-quality, and durable. I also wanted to be able to put my own touches on it.

petite plus size fashion blogger and influencer Natalie in the City wears Eloquii and a Laudi Vidni backpack in Chicago.

Designing a custom-made backpack

Last summer, I custom-made a bright orange duffle bag with a red interior at Laudi Vidni. The bag turned out to be stunning. I will include a picture of me and my orange duffle below! Since I had such a great experience, I knew I wanted to create my backpack here, too.

Laudi Vidni’s website makes it very easy to custom make any kind of leather or vegan leather bag. The brand has various styles and bag types that are completely customizable down to the hardware and interior color of the bag.

I started with the Moto Large Backpack and chose the smooth grain black leather for the exterior of the bag, the straps, and the trim. For the inside, I wanted it to have a red interior like my duffle bag. I chose a gold finish for the hardware, which really gives the bag a luxe look. It took about two weeks for my bag to be made and it made it to me just in time for my first week in the new office. And as you can see, I absolutely love it!

Why I love shopping at Laudi Vidni

  • Individuality. I have been a fan of Laudi Vidni ever since I stopped at its store on Michigan Avenue years back. If you were to read the brand’s name backward, it spells “individual.” This branding is spot on because while Laudi Vidni has various pre-designed bags for you to shop, you have the opportunity to make each bag your own through customization. Each bag is unique, just like its creator!
  • Quality. Let’s talk about the quality because the craftsmanship of these bags is unmatched and truly perfect. This company prides itself on producing perfection, and it shows! The company even has a “You’ll Love it Guarantee,” which means if you don’t love your bag, they will refund you.
  • Woman-Owned.Β One of my favorite aspects of Laudi Vidni is its founders. Laura Kofoid and Grace Tsao-Wu created the company with the goal of building a more environmentally sustainable business model for custom-made bags. They wanted people to be able to get the bag they wanted rather than conforming to a commercially-driven ideal.
  • Earth-Conscious.Β Lastly, since every bag is made to order, Laudi Vidni never sends unsold bags to landfills.

If you can’t tell, I am absolutely thrilled with my custom-made leather backpack from Laudi Vidni!

petite plus size fashion blogger and influencer Natalie in the City wears Eloquii and a Laudi Vidni backpack in Chicago.

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  1. Omg it’s soooo nice!! I might have to add this to my bday list!! I need one for work too! Love it!😍β™₯️