I Got Laser Hair Removal on My Face

Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger Natalie in the City gets laser hair removal on her lip and chin at SpaDerma med spa in Chicago.
Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger, influencer, YouTuber, and model Natalie Craig, of Natalie in the City, gets laser hair removal on her lip and chin at SpaDerma med spa in Chicago. Will it work if she has polycystic ovarian syndrome?

If you are following me on Instagram, you’ve probably been following along on my laser hair removal journey. Back in January, I decided to begin laser hair removal on my upper lip and chin areas because since I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), I have noticed that the hair on my face grows very rapidly. I used to have to shave my chin and my upper lip once a day. Having thick, black hairs on my chin and upper lip were really embarrassing for me.

I wasn’t sure how laser hair removal would work on someone who had PCOS since the main reason behind rapid hair growth in PCOS patients is a hormone imbalance. When I was researching the condition and its side effects, I learned that whether you remove the hair follicle or not, the hormonal imbalance may cause the hair to still grow. Knowing that you shouldn’t trust everything you read on the Internet, I decided to take my curiosity to a med spa here in Chicago.
I visited SpaDerma at their Lincoln Park location on Fullerton to chat with Niki, an aesthetician. Niki was very knowledgeable about how laser hair removal can work on PCOS patients, and she even had treated some clients who had PCOS. Niki told me that whether you have PCOS or not, laser hair removal has a 70% success rate because it may not work for everyone, and it’s not always permanent because hormones can change throughout the course of your life. Hearing these statistic was not the most reassuring to me as I thought laser hair removal would be more permanent. However, I really wanted to see if this could help me regain confidence and eliminate the intensity of the hair. So I decided to go through with it.
I received six treatments, which is normal for removing hair completely through laser hair removal, and I paid $299 for all of the treatments. If you decide to visit SpaDerma, you can get $50 off by using my name “Natalie Craig,” and you will only pay $250 (always remember to tip your aesthetician if you enjoy the service!).
After I received my first treatment, I noticed a difference right away. I went from having to shave once a day to shaving maybe once every two weeks. And as I moved through each treatment, my hair disappeared entirely. I have gone through all six treatments, and I no longer have hair on my chin. There are some very tiny, light hairs that have grown back on my upper lip, but I barely notice them.
This has truly been such a life changing decision for me. I used to feel so self conscious about the dark hairs on my chin. And I have had such a good experience that I have decided to do laser hair removal on other parts of my body, and I have also decided to get a tattoo removed at SpaDerma.
If you want to see each of my treatments, I made a YouTube video so you can tag along to each of my appointments and even here some important information from my aesthetician, Niki! Watch the video here: I GOT LASER HAIR REMOVAL ON MY FACE

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