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Does nuuly Have Plus Sizes? Here’s My Review!

Have you ever wished you could have six new pieces of clothing to wear every month for under $100? Well, now you can! I have been using nuuly, a clothing subscription and rental service, for a year now, and I must tell you all about it! Not only is renting clothes a great way to diversify your wardrobe without your closet exploding, but it’s also more environmentally friendly and sustainable than purchasing fast fashion. If you’ve heard about nuuly plus size clothing, but you’re not sure if a clothing subscription service is right for you, I will share my review of this nuuly plus size clothing rental service in this blog post!

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plus size fashion blogger Natalie in the City wears a plus size outfit from nuuly while on vacation in Italy.
I rented this gorgeous top and these plus size shorts from nuuly!

What is nuuly?

My best friend originally told me about nuuly, which Anthropologie owns, and I am so glad she did. Nuuly is a clothing subscription service that allows you to rent a curated selection of clothing from various brands for a flat monthly fee. It’s like having an ever-rotating closet filled with the latest styles without the clutter or commitment of buying. However, if you fall in love with the clothing you rent, you can purchase it for a discount. It’s similar to products like Rent the Runway, but I find the selection of plus size clothing on nuuly to be much better than on Rent the Runway. Nuuly also has clothes for every occasion—casual and formal. Most of its styles come directly from Anthropologie and other on-trend retailers. And there are new styles uploaded on the app daily!

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Does nuuly have plus sizes?

One of my favorite features of Nuuly is its dedication to inclusivity. Nuuly offers an impressive range of plus-size options. Whether you’re looking for everyday essentials or statement pieces for special occasions, Nuuly has you covered. Nuuly collaborates with various brands, including some of the most beloved names in fashion. This means you can access plus-size pieces from your favorite designers, ensuring you never compromise style or quality.

Another thing I love about nuuly’s plus size offering is that they collaborate with brands and designers that don’t typically make their clothing in extended sizing to offer plus sizes on nuuly. Recently, I rented this gorgeous plus size dress from nuuly, and it was made by Farm Rio, which doesn’t usually offer plus sizes. I ended up buying it because I know only a few were made, and it’s not only a gorgeous dress, but it also feels like a collector’s item.

plus size fashion blogger Natalie in the City wears a Farm Rio dress from Anthropolgie nuuly plus size while standing next to a fiat in Sorrento Italy
I wore this beautiful Farm Rio dress from nuuly during my vacation in Sorrento, Italy.

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My review of nuuly

If you couldn’t already tell, I have been loving and enjoying nuuly. I love that I get six new pieces of clothes every month to wear and style and once I am done, I send them back and nuuly handles all the laundry and dry cleaning. I also love wearing high-quality and unique plus size clothing that I wouldn’t normally be able to afford or have access to. Nuuly’s customer service is also top notch! My only critique of nuuly is that I wish it had even more plus size options. The app has over 15,000 options for standard-size clothing (from a size 0 to a size 18) but only 1,500 plus size options.

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