Dancing While Plus Size

Chicago petite plus size fashion blogger, model, and youtuber Natalie Craig of Natalie in the City tried DivaDance Chicago's plus size friendly dance classes

Growing up, I did some form of cheer and dance for the majority of my life. At first it was ballet, then hip hop and jazz followed, and eventually, I ended up doing competitive cheer leading. I LOVED dancing. Dancing always empowered me and allowed me to connect with my sensuality.

While I was always the biggest girl on the squad or team, I never let my body get in the way of doing what I loved. When I turned 19 and started going to college, I stopped doing cheer and dance and naturally, I kind of let myself disconnect with my love for dance. I also used my body, which was always changing, as an excuse to keep me from dancing.

But about a year ago, I found DivaDance Chicago, and I decided to try some of their classes here in the city. I was a little nervous at first just because I didn’t know if there were going to be any other plus size women in the class, and I didn’t want to be judged. However, after my first class, I had never felt more accepted in my life. Everyone in the class was so nice and I had a blast. DivaDance Chicago really gave me a judgement free and inspiring space to fall back in love with dancing and my body. The classes are so fun and diverse, and their song selection is on point! So far, I have routines to Drunk In Love – Beyoncé, God Is A Woman – Ariana Grande, and Milkshake – Kelis! 

Right now, new clients can join and get three classes for only $49, which is such a great deal! You can view all of DivaDance’s pricing plans here: PRICING

As a huge THANK YOU and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to DivaDance Chicago, I’m giving away FREE 10-day trials to 5 of my followers!
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If you’re not in Chicago, DivaDance has so many locations around the U.S., including Atlanta, New York, Houston, and so many more! Find your nearest studio here: ABOUT DIVADANCE 

Check out the Chicago Class Schedule here: SCHEDULE




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