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Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger Natalie in the City reviews the Big Fig Mattress.

If you have been a fan of Natalie in the City for the past three years, you may remember my first ever modeling gig with Big Fig Mattress. I was also one of the first people to try out the original Big Fig Mattress, which I have slept on…up until recently because I got to try out the newest iteration of the mattress, which ships in a compact box within three to five business days for free. The Big Fig Mattress ships from Cleavland, Ohio, which is why it got to me so quickly, but it could take up to five days to reach the West Coast. The original mattress came via white glove delivery and it took a couple of weeks to arrive, but now, you can get your Big Fig even faster in a compact package! 

Faster, Free, and Convenient Delivery
Instead of scheduling a day for the delivery and taking the day off work to ensure it arrived, I placed an order for my new Big Fig, and boom, it arrived in three days (THREE DAYS, PEOPLE!). My package receiving center took the package just like they would with any other and notified me of my shipment. I was able to carry the mattress back up to my apartment—with the help of my boyfriend—as well as the new foundation, which also came in a convenient package. Once I built the box spring—which was super easy, and I am proud to say I did it by myself—I unpackaged the mattress, cut the seal, and watched it unfold into the dreamy bed that I’ve known and loved for the past three years.

I always wondered if a Big Fig Mattress could be rolled up, vacuum sealed, and delivered in a compact box—like other popular mattresses on the market—because of it’s high quality and durable construction…and apparently Big Fog pondered that same thought. Along with shipping the mattress in a more compact way, Big Fig also wanted to be able to ship the mattress for free and faster with a new three-to-five business day delivery window. After sleeping on the mattress for the past month, I am happy to report that I don’t see any difference between my OG Big Fig and my new mattress. I sleep exactly how I would on my first Big Fig, the biggest contrast was just how convenient and fast the delivery and set up was.

Why I Have the Best Sleep of My Life
If you’re new here, and you’ve never heard me talk about my Big Fig Mattress, let me fill you in: this mattress drastically changed the way I sleep. And by improving my sleep patterns, it improved my life. A well-rested Natalie can set out on her daily goals, achieve them all, and then some. Whereas before I slept on a Big Fig, I was exhausted by 2 p.m., I barely achieved half of my daily goals, and I had no desire to build fun activities into my routine. I also never realized just how much pain I would wake up in while sleeping on my old mattress until I began traveling for work. Any other mattress simply wouldn’t cut it, and that’s just because it wasn’t made for my plus size body. I never wake up with any back or neck pain, and I also sleep soundly throughout the night without tossing, turning, or overheating—and that’s all thanks to the cool features the Big Fig Mattress has built into it. The construction of the mattress is truly what makes it ideal for bigger figures, and its backed by a 20-year warranty and 120-night trial.

I love this mattress so much, that I bought one for my mom for Christmas! While the Big Fig Mattress is made for bigger figures, sleepers who aren’t plus size or big and tall enjoy the Big Fig just as much. Take my boyfriend, who is thin and tall, for example: “I think it’s great that Natalie gets the best sleep, and although I am not plus size, I also find the mattress to be incredibly comfortable and unlike anything I’ve ever slept on. As someone who naturally wakes up early, I could sleep until noon on the Big Fig,” Terry says.

I’m really excited that Big Fig has decided to provide free and fast shipping to everyone who purchases a mattress because now more people will finally be able to get the sleep their bodies need and deserve! Along with fast and free shipping, Big Fig is offering $300 off any Big Fig Mattress through September 3 during its Labor Day Sale! This is the steepest discount Big Fig has ever offered on its mattresses!

Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger Natalie in the City reviews the Big Fig Mattress.
 Big Fig Mattress sent me this mattress to review. All opinions are 110% my own!
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