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We all have our reasons for hitting the snooze button every morning. Though it’s not easy, it is possible to break the cycle simply by making a few changes. Follow these steps and you’re bound to find success as a new morning person.

Hit the sheets sooner
First things first: If you want to wake up earlier, then get to bed one hour earlier. You won’t wind up feeling groggy or tired because you won’t be missing out on any sleep. I know this isn’t the easiest task, but it’s the best way to trick yourself into waking up earlier.
Don’t close your blinds at night
I get that some people close their blinds at night to shut out extra light from the streets or for more privacy, but becoming exposed to natural sunlight first thing in the morning is the best way to wake up naturally. During the summer months, the sun rises earlier and by leaving your blinds open, you will be more inclined to get up once that sunlight fills your bedroom. In the winter, when you and the sun are on the same page of having to be dragged out of bed, you’ll still get enough light to wake you—depending on when you wake up. 
Implement a routine
Decide why it is that you want to become a morning person. Maybe you want to work out in the morning or take on a more intense beauty regimen. On the first day of your morning journey, make sure that you fit in the tasks that you want to do every morning, and then follow the same habits moving forward. Making a schedule for your mornings will help you stay on track, and the more you accomplish those extra morning tasks, the better you will feel about dragging yourself out of bed earlier. 
Acclimate yourself to your new routine
Jumping right into waking up an hour or two early is tough, and it may set you up for failure. Instead of putting that pressure on you from the start of your new morning routine, make a gradual change. The first week, wake up a half-hour early, then wake up an hour early the following week, and so on. This gradual change will help to acclimate your body to your new schedule.
Trick yourself into getting out of bed
Here is the easiest thing you can do to ensure that you will wake up a little earlier than expected: Move your alarm clock to the other side of the room. This will make you physically get out of bed and will make it easier for you to jump right into your morning routine. Just don’t crawl back into bed! 

Coffee or tea is key
Find a coffee or tea maker that allows you to set the time at which it starts brewing. Waking up knowing that your coffee has already been brewed will make getting out of bed much easier. To make it even easier, place your coffee maker close to your bedroom so that aroma of fresh brewed coffee drifts in.
Two alarms are better than one
For those of you who actually need a little time to wake up and don’t benefit from jumping out of bed right away, consider setting two alarms: one that initially wakes you up and another that goes off five minutes later and tells you that it is time to get out of bed.
Make sure there is a light at the end of the tunnel 

Give yourself some kind of incentive to get out of bed so that you can be excited to get your day started. Becoming a morning person will make you feel good if you are rewarding yourself for getting out of bed early and thinking about how much more you have been able to accomplish by doing so.


  • “Before I moved into a closet-sized bedroom, I would put my alarm clock on the other side of the room so I HAD to get out of bed. Unfortunately now I can reach everywhere in my bedroom from my bed so now I’m always late. Whoops.” – Randi Shaffer (She has the right idea! Check out tip #5)
  • “Sleep on a Big Fig Mattress!” – Big Fig Mattress (I sleep on a Big Fig Mattress, and I LOVE it. It’s probably the reason why I am able to hop out of bed fully rested in the morning. This tip has my approval! BTW: Check out their brand new website: www.bigfigmattress.com)
  • Just roll out of bed, fall on the floor, and voila, you’re awake! – Myles Adams (OKAYY. But ouch! Maybe if the tips above don’t work, I will resort to this!)


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