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As most of you know, I currently reside in Chicago. I moved to the city three years ago with the hopes of having more opportunities as a journalist and fashion blogger. However, no matter where I go, I always represent the state I came from, Idaho.

Check out snippets of my interview below and see the full interview in the Most Stylish in Idaho – 50 States of Style feature on StyleBlazer.com! You may learn a thing or two about me that you didn’t already know!

50 states of style, idaho fashion blogger, boise, idaho, natalie craig, natalie in the city, chicago, plus size fashion, style blazer

Originally from Orange County, California, Natalie Craig moved to Boise, Idaho when she was 14 and lived there for eight years. While studying at Boise State University, Natalie wrote for local magazines, her University’s newspaper; The Arbiter, started her University’s online page for CollegeFashionista.com, and reported fashion trends for USA Today College. In 2013, she created her fashion blog and went on to study journalism at Columbia College, where she was editor for their newspaper, The Columbia Chronicle. After graduating in 2015, Natalie went to work for a tech start up and now works for a trade magazine covering manufacturing and packaging in Chicago. All the while, her blog, NatalieintheCity.com gains attention from readers and brands worldwide.

Why did you start your blog?I started my blog, because I wanted to have an outlet that let me write about fashion consistently. As I started taking on fashion internships, employers always asked me if I had a blog. I immediately noticed that having a successful blog was a great way to break into the industry. My blog has come a very long way since it was created. I started without a niche and wanted it to be a hobby. However, within the past two years, I was able to identify a niche (plus size fashion) and run with it, which has turned my blog into a small business, a platform, and a community that inspires women to love themselves at any shape and size.

What is your favorite thing about Idaho?

My favorite thing about Idaho, and more specifically Boise, is that it is so up and coming. Every year, the city looks different, because there are new buildings, businesses, and people who come to Boise. When I was growing up there, I felt there was a lack of expression through art and fashion. However, Boise has become a hub for unique cultures and art expression, which makes me extremely excited to go back and see just how much the city has grown and changed.  I also love the down to earth vibe of Boise and it’s inhabitants. Everyone is so nice and the living is easy.

What are some of your beauty & travel essentials?

As long as I have a great anti-frizz serum, foundation, and an eyebrow pencil, I’m content. You can bet that you will find those three things in any travel bag of mine and even my every day bag—you never know what the Chicago elements are going to throw at you and Boise is very similar. When I travel, I try to pack light, but I always have my laptop so that I can catch up on the news and write blog posts whenever I’m on or in between flights.

Read the full interview here: Most Stylish in Idaho – 50 States of Style

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