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11 Best Petite Plus Size Jeans for Short Women

Petite plus size fashion blogger Natalie in the City shares the best clothing brands to shop for curvy short jeans.

If every single pair of plus size jeans you have ever tried on were too long for you, I have some news: You might be petite and plus size. If you’re wondering what petite and plus size is, don’t worry! I have the perfect explanation for you! And, hello, I’m Natalie. I am 5’2 and size 18, which means that I am plus size and petite. I just got back from American Eagle where I was on the hunt for their size 18 jeans with a short inseam, and my experience got me thinking, “Where can I buy petite plus size jeans?” So, I did some digging, and I found some great places to shop for petite plus size jeans.

But let’s talk about being petite and plus size for a second.

What is petite plus size?

Petite and plus size are two different terms used in the fashion industry to describe two different body types. However, they can be used together. Petite sizes are for women who have shorter legs and arms and they usually stand under 5’4. And plus size clothing is for women who wear a size 14 or higher.

Petite plus sizes have been around for a while, but there aren’t as many petite plus sizes as there are straight size clothing, petite clothing, or plus size clothing. However, we have seen a push for more petite plus size clothing since the average woman’s body type has changed and visibility around different body types has been improved. The average woman is now a size 16, which is plus size. And the average height of women today stands just below 5’4. Now, I am not the best at math, but I believe this means that the average woman is both petite and plus size.

So, if you’re under 5’4 and you wear a size 14 or larger, you’re petite and plus size—just like me!

Does the world make a lot more sense now?

Click here to find out what is petite plus size

While this may be a relief to you, I have some rather unsettling news, too. Petite plus size clothing isn’t easy to find. In fact, only a handful of brands have a dedicated petite plus size section and most brands only carry petite sizing up to a size 18, which isn’t inclusive at all. However, there are some brands that carry petite plus size dresses and other styles. So, we aren’t totally out of luck! And even more importantly, there are quite a few plus size brands where we can shop for women’s short jeans.

Click here to check out these 12 petite plus size brands

Petite plus size fashion blogger Natalie in the City shares the best clothing brands to shop for curvy short jeans.

The best petite plus size jeans for short women

As I mentioned above, you probably have a really hard time finding a pair of jeans or pants that aren’t too long on you. Same here! I just got back from a trip to Old Navy and American Eagle because I heard that they have plus size jeans with a short inseam. I had to give their petite plus jeans a try and check out what the shopping experience was like in store. Long story short, I had a hard time finding a size 18 with a short inseam in both stores. However, they obviously have these sizes online!

Here are the brands I can recommend that carry petite plus size jeans. (There may be other brands out there like Loft or Madewell, but they don’t carry past a size 18 and that excludes a lot of folks.):

  1. Eloquii: Eloquii sells some of my most favorite petite and plus size jeans. With most of their bottoms, you can select a short inseam along with your size. Not only is this nice because I don’t have to get their bottoms altered, but their pants also fit me so well.
  2. Abercrombie & Fitch: If you didn’t know you could shop for petite and plus size jeans at Abercrombie, you’re not the only one! I recently learned that Abercrombie’s plus size jeans can be ordered in an extra short or short inseam. I wear a size 35 short!
  3. Old Navy: I have always loved Old Navy, but I love them even more now because they have plus size short jeans. You can easily find your next pair of jeans by clicking the link I just shared or navigating to the jeans section and then under “Size” on the left sidebar, you will scroll down and click “short” under “Inseam.” They have a short inseam for sizes 00-30 in every denim style you could think of! Kudos, Old Navy! We love ya!
  4. American Eagle: I’ll be honest, I haven’t shopped at American Eagle since high school. However, when I heard that they also have jeans with a short inseam, I ran! To get to the short jeans, click on the link I just shared or go to American Eagle’s website and click on their “Women’s Jeans” tab. Then, on the left sidebar, you will find an option for “Size” and you can click on your size with a short inseam right there.
  5. Universal Standard: I really love shopping at Universal Standard because they carry petite plus size jeans that fit so well and are very comfortable. Most of their denim styles come with a short inseam as an option, but to make shopping simpler, click on their denim tab, then go to the sidebar under “Features” and click “short inseam.”
  6. Avenue: Avenue is the spot when it comes to short jeans for plus size women—they have an entire section devoted to us! Click the link I just shared to go right to the section.
  7. Torrid: Torrid‘s Bombshell Skinny Jeans are my holy grail! I absolutely love the way they fit, and I always have the option to order the curvy jeans with a short inseam. Shop their petite plus size denim by clicking the link I just shared!
  8. Macy’s: Macy‘s always have petite plus sizes covered—especially when it comes to jeans. Click the link I just shared to go right to their petite plus size jeans.
  9. Talbots: I have personally tried Talbot’s petite plus size jeans, and they fit so well! To check out these jeans, click the link I just shared!
  10. Amazon: I was recently doing some digging to find more petite plus size pants when I stumbled across petite and plus size pants on Amazon. From work pants to leggings, it’s all there!
  11. Woman Within: While some styles might seem a little dates, Woman Within’s petite plus size pants are perfect for work or lounging!

Hopefully, you have just found your new favorite pair of jeans! I have also included a shoppable widget below with all of the petite plus size denim I could find!

As more visibility is created around the many different kinds of body types, I hope there will be more clothing options out there for us petite plus size folks! As always, if you have any questions, you can email me at or DM me on Instagram!


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Shop Petite Plus Size Dresses From These Brands

Fashion blogger Natalie in the City shares where to buy petite plus size dresses, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, and maxi.
Natalie wears the plus size metallic mini dress with lace back from David’s Bridal


One of the most common questions I get as a petite plus size fashion blogger is, “Where do you shop for petite plus size dresses?” It’s a great question because many plus size dresses may not fit our figure the way they would everyone else. Petite plus size figures are typically short and curvy, which means many dresses, skirts, and bottoms may be too long on the typical petite figure. So, not only am I going to share the best petite plus size brands that sell dresses, but I will also share more information on petite plus sizing.

What is petite plus size?

Are you wondering what is petite plus size and how to know if that’s you? Let’s talk about some of the characteristics that usually determine whether someone is petite. Petite women are usually shorter than 5’4. For example, I am 5’2. And yes, you can be petite REGARDLESS of your body shape! There is a common misconception that petite women are only thin and short. Plus size women wear a size 14 and up. There are also many different types of figures that make up the plus size bodies. Does this sound like you? Here are some other ways to determine if you are petite and plus size:

  • You’re shorter than 5’4.
  • You wear a size 14 or higher.
  • Most jeans and pants are too long on you. You usually have to get most of your bottoms altered.
  • Midi dresses and skirts fit more like maxis, while maxi dresses and skirts are too long.
  • Many dresses fall at a strange length for you.

Learn more: What is petite plus size? 

Why is petite plus size women’s clothing so hard to find?

As I am sure you know, plus sized women’s clothing is hard to find. While there are certainly many more plus size clothing brands today than there were five years ago, plus size women are still underserved. And as a subset of plus sizes, petite plus size women have an even harder time finding clothing. Most petite clothing sizes go up to a 12 or a 14 and completely exclude plus sizes altogether. Straight sizes usually start at a 00 and go up to a 12, and then plus sizes typically start at a size 14, but can also include a size 12 at some brands.

Having so many petite options stop at a size 12 or 14 portrays a large misconception that the petite woman only wears straight size clothing. However, as the average American woman becomes plus size and also stands under 5’4, brands will need to start creating petite or short options for plus size shoppers. The bottom line is that we all come in different shapes and sizes and no two plus size bodies look the same—especially when it comes to height.

Where to buy petite plus size clothing


Fashion blogger Natalie in the City shares where to buy petite plus size dresses, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, and maxi.


Where to buy dresses

As I mentioned, it can be difficult to find petite plus sizes, but there are some incredible and trusted brands that do sell petite and plus size dresses, jeans, and skirts. Here are some of my favorite brands to shop for dresses!

  • David’s Bridal: Whether you’re planning your wedding, looking for petite plus wedding guest dresses or you’re shopping for petite plus size mother of the bride dresses, David’s Bridal has you covered! David’s Bridal also has a fabulous selection of petite plus bridesmaid dresses. I personally love shopping at David’s Bridal for occasion wear!
  • Amazon: If you are shopping for plus size petite dresses for special occasions, check out Amazon. From plus size cocktail dresses to petite plus size mother of the bride dresses, Amazon has a great selection of petite plus finds.
  • Lane Bryant: If you’re looking for casual plus size petite dresses, Lane Bryant has very cute styles that were made with your short and curvy figure in mind. With sleeves being made shorter, inseams coming up by three inches and the chest, waist, and hip staying the same, Lane Bryant has petite plus down to a science.
  • Talbots: High-quality fabric and material meet the perfect petite plus-sizing at Talbots. From plus size petite maxi dresses to midi dresses that fall at the perfect length, you will find a dress that’s perfect for any occasion.
  • JCPenney: Shop the latest women’s plus size petite dresses from JCPenney where you will find trendy silhouettes at an affordable price!
  • Cato: If you are shopping on a budget, you may want to check out these affordable petite plus size dresses from Cato.

I know how important it is to find clothing that fits and brands you can trust. Currently, these are the only brands that I can personally vouch for, but I will always keep my eye out for the latest dresses and brands. I will make sure to update this list as I come across new brands. If you have a brand that is tried and true and you would like to recommend them for this list, please email me at!

Fashion blogger Natalie in the City shares where to buy petite plus size dresses, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, and maxi.


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Petite Plus Size

What is Petite Plus Size?

Natalie in the City shares what petite plus size means, how to dress a petite plus size body, and where to shop for petite plus clothing.
Natalie wears Eloquii jeans that came in an ankle fit, but were the perfect length.

Have you been hearing the term “petite and plus size” a lot more lately? If so, you might be wondering what these two terms paired together mean. Historically, plus size clothing and petite clothing have been on the opposite side of the sizing spectrum. Here’s why…

Petite sizing is for women who stand under 5’3. There is a common misconception that petite clothing was only made for slim or slender people, but that’s just simply not true. Petite clothing was made specifically for people with short torso’s, arms, and legs. Most petite clothing lines don’t go above a size 12, which tends to be the start of most plus size collections. However, there are a few brands that sell a petite size 14-18 and XXL, which is technically petite and plus size. Whereas plus size clothing is made for women who or curvier or more full figured. Plus size collections usually start at a size 12 and go all the way up to a size 32.

Find out where to buy plus size clothing that’s also petite

What does petite plus size mean?

So what does this sizing term mean? A true petite and plus size offering is made for women who stand under 5’4 and range from sizes 12-32. Me, personally, I am a size 18 and I stand at 5’2, which means that I am petite and plus size.

As I touched on above, there is some overlap when it comes to petite clothing and plus size clothing, but it is extremely rare. However, there are more petite plus size brands to shop that are creating clothing for women who are both short and curvy today. And I only expect for the term petite plus to grow since the average American woman is a size 18 and stands under 5’4. While there aren’t many brands that are solely dedicated to selling plus size clothing that’s also petite, it appears that most women actually fit into this sizing range.

Am I plus size and petite?

If you stand under 5’3 and you usually shop in the plus size section, then you are not only plus size but you’re likely also petite. Since I can remember, pants have always been too long on me and I have had to get all of my favorite bottoms hemmed and tailored. When I was a kid and knew nothing about a tailor, I used to wear jeans and let them drag. They would fray at the ends and holes would soon destroy my favorite jeans. When I would shop—even up until recently—I always told myself that I was just weirdly built and that I would never be able to find clothing that fit me perfectly because of my curves and my height. But now, as an empowered shopper, I know that I deserve clothing that fits my short and curvy figure perfectly. I first realized that I was both plus size and petite when I saw that Talbots had a section that was labeled just that. However, determining your size isn’t always as clear-cut. So, here are a few other circumstances that can help you determine if you are petite and plus size:

  • When you try on plus size bottoms, they are often way too long.
  • You find that work pants, jeans, skirts, shorts and other bottoms fit you oddly.
  • The sleeves and bodice of your favorite plus size shirts, sweaters, and blouses are too long.
  • Pants that have a cropped or ankle fit are the perfect fit for you.
  • You often roll or cuff jeans, leggings, and pants so that they don’t drag.
  • Maxi dresses are usually too long and drag.
  • You have to get all of your pants professionally tailored and hemmed.
  • Longer tunics and shirts could easily pass for a dress.
  • Leggings and jeggings bunch at your ankles.
  • High waisted skirts and jeans are often too high waisted for you and sit right under your bust.
  • Midi skirts could easily be maxi skirts on your figure.

Where to buy plus size clothes that are also petite?

Although the term isn’t widely used just yet, I know we will see more brands starting to adopt sizing and clothing to meet our needs. Here are some of the brands that either carries a dedicated petite plus size line or they have “petite” or “short” inseam options for most of their plus sizes. I will list these in order from the brands I love and have tried before to the brands I haven’t tried yet.

  • Universal Standard: Universal Standard has the best plus size pants and plus size jeans that are also petite!
  • Lane Bryant: From plus size and petite dresses to jeans, Lane Bryant has a variety of petite and plus size options.
  • Torrid: Torrid‘s plus size jeans and leggings always fit me perfectly because they can be ordered with a short inseam!
  • Abercrombie & Fitch: Yes, I shop at Abercrombie & Fitch! Here is why: Abercrombie’s plus size jeans can be ordered with an extra short or short inseam. I love the Curve Love line, which was made with curves in mind! Watch me try on Abercrombie Curve Love Jeans!
  • Talbots: Talbot’s has an exclusive petite plus size line.
  • Eloquii: Eloquii used to sell petite clothing, but they haven’t offered the option in a while. However, I find that a lot of their ankle pants fit me perfectly and you can order some work pants in a petite inseam.
  • Old Navy: You can select a short inseam when you shop plus size pants from Old Navy.
  • American Eagle: Similarly to wearing Torrid jeans, American Eagle curvy jeans can also be ordered in a short or petite inseam.
  • Macy’s: Macy‘s is a great place to shop for plus size work pants that are also petite as they carry brands like JM Collection, Style & Co., Alfani, and Karen Scott.
  • Madewell: Madewell offers a petite or short inseam option for their plus size jeans.
  • Avenue: If you need plus size jeans or work pants that are petite, Avenue has a wide selection of pants that were made with your figure in mind!
  • Land’s End: If you are in need of long sleeves or jackets with shorter arms, Land’s End plus sizes is the perfect place to find basic staples that will hug your curves just right.
  • Loft: While Loft doesn’t offer petite sizing for their plus size clothing line, their petite sizes do go up to an XXL and a size 18.
Natalie in the City shares what petite plus size means, how to dress a petite plus size body, and where to shop for petite plus clothing.
Natalie wears wide leg pants from Eloquii, which were hemmed by a tailor to fit.

How to dress your body

If you are new here and aren’t very familiar with me…Hi, my name is Natalie and I believe in petite plus size fashion without rules! If you search the internet for ways to dress your body, there will be thousands of articles telling you how to shrink this, emphasize that, and never wear this. However, I believe that you should wear whatever you feel the most comfortable and confident in.

Personally, I love clothes that hug my curves, show off my figure, and feel good on my skin throughout the day. I am also someone who needs to be in three different places on any given day—from the office to the gym to a blogging event. This means that I need a wardrobe that is highly versatile, comfortable, and confidence-boosting.

There is no wrong way to dress your body, but here are some of the “rules” or “priorities” I keep top of mind when I am shopping for new clothing:

  • Find pants that are fitted throughout and have a short inseam or an ankle fit to mitigate bunching or dragging.
  • Roll pants that are too long to fit just above the ankle and top them off with a short heel to elongate my figure.
  • Knee high and wide calf over the knee boots are sexy and fun! You should wear them with jeans, leggings, skirts, and mini dresses. (side note: never let anyone tell you that you are too short to wear these!)
  • Turn any top into a crop top by knotting it or tucking it in. This style makes my legs look longer and I think it’s a great way to boost confidence.
  • Find a comfortable pair of heels that don’t have a larger heel height than 2 inches. These can give you an extra boost when you are wearing pants that might be a little too long.
  • When you are shopping for plus size maxi dresses and mini dresses, check to see if there are petite plus dresses so that you are sure to get a length that fits you perfectly.
  • Embrace any trends you want to, and don’t let silly fashion rules hold you back from embracing the styles you love.

Shop 6 brands who sell plus size and petite dresses

You can also keep up with me, Natalie in the City, on my blog or on Instagram. Since I am a petite plus size fashionista, you may find some inspiration in the way I style my outfits. Most of the clothing I wear isn’t from a special plus size and petite line. It’s usually from the plus size brands you shop from today. I promise to always be transparent about sizing and how I make certain garments work for my figure!

I hope this article was able to shed more light on what petite plus size is, and I hope you also were able to see yourself in this post! Whether you find yourself fitting into a certain size or you still feel like you haven’t found your perfect fit, I just want to let you know that you absolutely deserve to have clothing that fits you the exact way you want it to. If you’re petite and plus size, keep an eye out for more sizes and clothing lines in the near future—they are definitely coming! In the meantime, I will include a shoppable widget below where you can browse the latest petite plus size jeans, leggings, work pants, loungewear, joggers, and more! Happy shopping!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to DM me on Instagram or send me an email: 

Check out these plus size bottoms that come in a short or petite inseam: 

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How to Wear Plus Size Wide Leg Pants

plus size and petite blogger and model Natalie in the City reviews wide leg pants she's wearing from Eloquii.
plus size and petite blogger and model Natalie in the City reviews wide leg pants she's wearing from Eloquii.

My go to garment for the past couple of months has been a plus size wide leg pants. I used to always be a skinny jean kind of girl. Even when I was wearing plus size work pants, they were fitted at the ankle and had a skinny silhouette.

However, recently, I’ve discovered my love for wide leg pants. I guess I used to feel like wide leg pants were not made for my short and curvy figure—for many reasons. The first reason I stayed away from wide leg pants was because I used to dress for “flattery.” That means if it wasn’t making my body look contoured, I wasn’t wearing it. So, you could say that wearing plus size pants like these were absolutely out of the question. Secondly, because I am petite and plus size and I stand at 5’2, I was under the impression that all wide leg pants would look extremely baggy and long on me. But as I start to invest in more quality pants from places like Eloquii or Universal Standard, I take frequent trips to a tailor to get my pants hemmed to fit me perfectly. This has been a game changer for me. Not only can I now wear wide leg pants, but they aren’t dragging and they look perfect on my figure!

The Plus Size Wide Leg Pants I’m Wearing…

Even though I’ve been staying home most of the time over the past year and a half, I have been filling my wardrobe with wide leg statement pants that I absolutely love. I feel like I can wear these pants anywhere—from the office to dinner and then to brunch with my friends. I often love pairing wide leg pants with a fitted crop top or a tucked in bodysuit. For this outfit, I’m wearing plus size wide leg pants from Eloquii and Eloquii’s plus size bustier. I haven’t got these pants tailored to fit me yet but they are on the list for my next trip. When I tell you I’ve been shopping for wide leg pants like crazy, I’m not joking. These pants are different from most of the other styles I have in my closet though because they are made of linen. So they’re perfect for summer and the warmer days because they’re very breezy and lightweight.

I envision myself wearing this outfit on a tropical vacation while lounging around at a resort, but it could also be a cute look for a day of running errands. How do you feel about wide leg pants?


Shop My Favorite Plus Size Wide Leg Pants 

SIZING INFO: I am wearing a size 18 in both the wide leg pants and the crop top, which is my usual size, and both garments fit me perfectly. The pants are a little long on me, especially after I ironed them, but I am also 5’2. These pants are lightweight and don’t have any stretch in them, but they fit pretty loose. The top is structured in the front with elastic in the back and is ultimately very comfortable. 


Do you have any other questions about sizing? Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram (@natalieinthecity_) or email me at! 


plus size and petite blogger and model Natalie in the City reviews wide leg pants she's wearing from Eloquii.
plus size and petite blogger and model Natalie in the City reviews wide leg pants she's wearing from Eloquii.



My Big Fig Mattress Review

Natalie in the City reviews the Big Fig Mattress and talks about financing, how the Big Fig feels, and how it sleeps for different body types.

It was 2016 when I was first introduced to the Big Fig Mattress. Before then, I had never thought about how my body and plus size figure could affect the way that I was sleeping—especially if I was sleeping on mattresses that weren’t made for me.

I was actually one of the first people to sleep on a Big Fig Mattress and since 2016, I haven’t slept on anything else. And while so much has changed since 2016—from living alone to moving in with my boyfriend—my Big Fig has gotten me through it all.

Recently, my boyfriend Terry and I moved in together and we quickly realized that we needed to upgrade to a king from our queen Big Fig to get the sleep we needed (mostly because Terry hogs the bed). Since getting the king mattress, I have improved my sleep even more than before, which I thought was impossible!

How Does the Big Fig Mattress Feel?

Understandably, Everyone who asks me about sleeping on the Big Fig Mattress wants to know what it feels like. To me, on the firm scale, the Big Fig is an eight out of 10. Yes, it is firm, but it also has its soft moments. I feel like it contours to my body. Listen, I have been sleeping on this mattress for more than five years, and I won’t ever sleep on anything else again.


Natalie in the City reviews the Big Fig Mattress and talks about financing, how the Big Fig feels, and how it sleeps for different body types.

Is the Big Fig Only for Plus Size People?

If you’re wondering if the Big Fig Mattress is comfortable for plus size sleepers only, I am here to tell you that while the mattress was made for bigger figures, it’s quite comfortable for everyone. My boyfriend, Terry, is tall with a slim and athletic build, and he absolutely loves the Big Fig. I also bought and gifted a Big Fig Mattress to my mom one year for Christmas, and throughout the years, her weight has fluctuated, but her love for the Big Fig hasn’t. The company also offers the option to finance the Big Fig Mattress, which is what I did when I purchased and gifted one to my mom. The financing process was so simple and I also qualified for 0% APR financing.

So whether you’re in a mixed weight relationship or you’re wondering if this mattress will fit you throughout the next several years, I can tell you it will. In fact, Big Fig Mattresses have a 20-year warranty, which is unheard of. Most mattresses only come with a five to eight-year warranty. Another thing I love about this mattress is that the company offers a 120 night trial that allows you to try your mattress risk-free for 120 nights. If you don’t love it, send it back!

Natalie in the City reviews the Big Fig Mattress and talks about financing, how the Big Fig feels, and how it sleeps for different body types.

How Long Does it take for My Big Fig to Ship?

There are different Big Fig shipping methods to choose from when you check out, but usually, you can expect your Big Fig to arrive in 7-10 business days. Once your mattress arrives, you will need to set up your bed frame and foundation, which only took me 20 minutes!

All-in-all, I am a huge fan of the Big Fig Mattress—if you can’t tell!

Natalie in the City reviews the Big Fig Mattress and talks about financing, how the Big Fig feels, and how it sleeps for different body types.

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The Best Seamless Plus Size Thongs

Natalie in the City reviews EBY's seamless underwear, briefs, cheeky panties and high waisted thongs for plus size women.

Let’s start this blog post off the only way I know how… by just keeping it 100% real with you: I don’t like wearing underwear…..but I do love these plus size seamless thongs.

If I have the choice…I am going commando. But because going commando isn’t very conducive to wearing my favorite outfits and for the simple fact that I live in an apartment with wall-to-wall windows, I have to wear plus size underwear. And I had been begrudgingly wearing panties that was “okay” until I got my hands on a free pair of EBY’s seamless underwear a few years ago at theCURVYcon in New York.

And I have been exclusively wearing these plus size panties ever since. From wearing seamless brief panties while sleeping to wearing EBY’s high waisted thong panties with my favorite dresses, plus size mom jeans, shorts, and sweatpants, these are my go-to. All of EBY’s plus size panties are seamless, curve-hugging, and they virtually feel invisible, which is why I love them. Their soft material moves with my body throughout the day, and I rarely ever realize I am wearing underwear.

If you have a curvy body with beautiful rolls and folds like me, you understand the importance of wearing underwear that doesn’t roll, budge or move as you go about your day—whether you’re hanging out around the house in plus size loungewear, working out, or running errands. EBY’s undies come with a no-slip nylon grip, which is designed to keep your panties in place—no matter what. The no-slip lines are made with nylon, rather than silicone so that they do not irritate sensitive skin types, which I can definitely appreciate.

Since I have been wearing plus size underwear from EBY for years now, I have accumulated almost every color and pattern, which has definitely brought my underwear drawer to life. But I also like that there are so many options in case I am wearing clothing that’s see through or a little transparent.

So, if you’re looking for your new favorite pair of undies or seamless plus size thongs, look no further! There are so many styles to choose from. If briefs and thongs aren’t your style maybe you will love their cheeky panties, bikini underwear, bralettes, or even their invisible cotton undies.

EBY also offers a membership and subscription option if you want to regularly refresh or build your panty wardrobe. If you become an EBY member, you can get three panties for 15% off! You have the freedom to create and customize your box, as well as how often you receive new panties. P.S. this is how my obsession with EBY started!

Another thing I really love about EBY is that 10% of all proceeds fund micro-loans for women who want to empower themselves out of poverty by starting their own business! Empowerment is literally in the DNA of EBY, which stands for “Empowered By You.” 

EBY gifted me the panties you see in this photo, but I have also purchased many pairs of panties from EBY. All opinions expressed in this blog post are 100% my own!


EBY's seamless underwear, briefs, cheeky panties and high waisted thongs for plus size women.




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Plus Size Clothing Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021

Every year, I keep my eye out for the trendiest and most stylish Nordstrom Anniversary Sale plus size clothing! This sale is a great chance to scoop up plus size staples such as plus size loungewear, jeans, plus size bras and panties, dresses, plus size shorts, and more!

And now is an even more exciting time to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021 because there are more plus size options than ever before!

Here are some of my favorite plus size brands to check out during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (you can click on the brand name to go right to their Nordstrom Sale page):

I have also put together a shoppable widget of some of my favorite plus size clothing at Nordstrom right now! Right now, the sale is only “Early Access” for cardholder members. If you have access to the early portion of the sale, you can shop these styles now! If you aren’t a cardholder or VIP, you will have to wait to shop these special sale items until July 27. Until the sale is open to the public on July 27, the widget may show that most of these styles are “sold out.” However, if you click on a style you love, you can add it to your wishlist so that you’re ready to purchase it when the sale starts for everyone on July 27.

Happy shopping!

The Best Plus Size Clothes from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021

Other Plus Size Must-Haves from Nordstrom


Modern Fertility Hormone Test Review & Results

Natalie in the City, a petite and plus size blogger with PCOS reviews Modern Fertility's at home hormone test kit.

As someone with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), I have long worried about fertility—even though I had never looked into my fertility hormones or even explored what PCOS disease is in-depth. And the reason I haven’t taken the initiative to look into these things more was because I was afraid. I have always been a pretty healthy individual, but of course, as a plus size woman, I experience a lot of obstacles like weight bias in medicine when it comes to getting thorough and fair care from a doctor. And when I tried to explore my PCOS diagnosis further, many doctors wrote it off and told me not to worry about it. It felt invalidating. So, I stopped digging into the matter.

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I have always envisioned myself having children one day, but as I enter my 30th year, the desire to have kids hasn’t hit me yet, which is fine. But what does bother me is that it’s impossible to ignore the fact that as women age, their chances to conceive become harder. While it’s totally okay that I don’t want children right now, I knew that I had to start thinking about my options when it comes to possibly freezing my eggs and looking at my fertility hormone health comprehensively.

Testing My Fertility Hormones at Home

But I had no idea where to start. I didn’t want to explore my fertility health or talk about my options with the doctors I had seen previously since I didn’t receive much help in the first place. And that’s when I found Modern Fertility, a fertility hormone test that you can take at home. I didn’t know what to expect with this test since I had never investigated my fertility hormones before, but luckily, Modern Fertility discloses all the important details with you about what your test will show you and how you can use the results to empower your future decisions and plans.

Here are some of the things the Modern Fertility test will tell you:

  • If you have more or fewer eggs than average
  • If you may hit menopause earlier or later than average
  • Help you understand egg freezing or IVF outcomes
  • How your general health-related to your hormones
  • Help you check general body factors like thyroid health and others that can affect fertility

Learn more about each of these insights and the science behind Modern Fertility’s hormone tests.

Natalie in the City, a petite and plus size blogger with PCOS reviews Modern Fertility's at home hormone test kit.

You can purchase your very own Modern Fertility Hormone test for $139 with my discount!

Can I Take Modern Fertility’s Hormone Test if I have PCOS?

YES! I was relieved to find out that I could take this test and get a real look into my fertility hormones even if I had PCOS. I was wondering how my condition and my birth control—I have an IUD—would play into my results, but Modern Fertility asks you important questions before you submit your blood samples to their lab. These questions are important to answer as they investigate your cycle, birth control, and any other conditions you may experience that could help shed more light on your fertility hormones. These questions will also help determine the best time during your menstrual cycle to take your test. After I completed the quiz and registered my test kit, I took my blood samples, which consisted of me pricking my finger and placing blood droplets onto test strips. After I let the test strips dry, I placed them in a secure mailer and shipped them back to the Modern Facility lab via USPS. The process was very simple. If you would rather do a blood draw in a lab, Modern Fertility also gives you the option to do that. However, studies show that the test strip blood samples were just as accurate as a typical blood draw.

Which Hormones Does Modern Fertility Look At?

Depending on the kind of birth control you’re using, Modern Fertility looks at several specific hormones that can help doctors understand egg count, ovulation, general body factors, and red flags that relate to fertility. This is very similar to proactive fertility tests that you would pay as much as $1,500 for through your doctor, according to Modern Fertility.

Here are the hormones Modern Fertility will test:

  • Anti-Mullerian hormone
  • Follicle-stimulating hormone
  • Estradiol
  • Luteinizing hormone
  • Thyroid Stimulating hormone
  • Free thyroxine
  • Prolactin

The Waiting Game and Getting my Modern Fertility Results

As I was waiting for my results, I downloaded Modern Fertility’s app to track my current cycle. The app was very user-friendly and intuitive. When my results were ready, I got an email notification. I was nervous to see the results, but I was prepared as I had told myself that no matter what the results were, I was ready to get them and that I would always find a way to make a plan that suits my life.

To my surprise, all my hormone levels came back as normal. Because I love to see the actual results and how my numbers measure up to the average, I was so happy to see that Modern Fertility broke down each of my hormone levels and charted them so I could see where I stood. I was also happy to see that Modern Fertility offers me assistance and advice on planning for the next steps of my life like egg freezing. I also got access to in-depth reports based off my results, which are extremely helpful in helping me understand my hormones. I also loved that I could download an extensive report for my doctors, which helps me feel empowered.

Natalie in the City, a petite and plus size blogger with PCOS reviews Modern Fertility's at home hormone test kit.

My Modern Fertility Experience and Review

All in all, I am so happy that I decided to take Modern Fertility’s at home hormone test because at the end of the day, I was able to empower myself with these results. I gave myself more insight into my body than any doctor ever has. While I know these results may not replace seeing a doctor about my hormones, I feel confident to walk into my endocrinologist or doctor with my Modern Fertility results. I also get a personal fertility team through Modern Fertility where I can chat one on one with a fertility nurse or join weekly webinars. My results have also eased my worries about my overall hormone health. I would absolutely recommend taking a Modern Fertility hormone test if you are interested in learning more about your body or planning your future. Modern Fertility also has pregnancy and ovulation tests, as well as prenatal multivitamins. If you have an FSA or HAS HSA account through your healthcare provider or employer like me, you can use your account to purchase a Modern Fertility test kit.

Do you have any questions about my experience? If so, please reach out to me at!

Thank you to Modern Fertility for sponsoring this blog post. All opinions are 100% my own. This is a partnership I thought long and hard about taking as it does involve me to be extremely vulnerable–no matter the outcome of the results. I truly appreciate Modern Fertility’s support and thoroughness throughout this time! Thank you for supporting brands that support Natalie in the City.

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Modern Fertility

Does a Standing Desk Improve Productivity?

Natalie in the City reviews the best electric standing desk 2022 for the home office.

Natalie in the City reviews the best electric standing desk 2022 for the home office.

I am always working. After I pour my first cup of coffee around 6 a.m., my workday starts, and it may not end until around 11 p.m. some nights. And since you’re probably wondering…I am wearing Eloquii’s Printed Palazzo Pants! Since the start of the pandemic, I have been lucky to be able to triple my workload between my 9-to-5 job, my freelance career, and my blog. And up until a few weeks ago, I spent most of these hours sitting at my desk in pain, boredom, and discomfort. So, I decided that it was time for me to get my very own UPLIFT standing work desk after I realized that my body needed movement and variety throughout my workday. Honestly, who wants to spend 10 plus hours sitting at a desk? I thought I had no choice until I realized a unique way of working that made me realize an electric standing desk might change my life. And let me tell you, this standing desk improved my productivity and mood. But here’s how I got there…


How I found out that I needed a standing desk…it’s kind of funny

As I mentioned, I was working from a typical desk in my apartment—since the start of the pandemic. My butt, back, and neck hurt every day by 1 p.m., which only added to the stress I felt under my workload. I would sometimes sit in bed or on my couch for a quick sense of relief, but I found that neither of those improved my posture, pain, or productivity. Out of desperation, I downloaded Google Docs on my phone, stuck my phone in my bra upside down, and started using the talk to type feature to write my articles as I walked around my apartment and did various things. And while this wasn’t ideal, it showed me that I needed to have a desk that could move with me throughout the day. Whether I wanted to stand, sit, or rock, I worked best when I had the option to move my body and alternate from sitting to standing. So, I made it happen…  

Upgrading to one of the best electric standing desks for my home office

I recently moved into a new apartment where I have my very own office space, which is such a treat since I have been working and living in the same four corners of my small studio apartment for the past three years. With this upgrade, I decided to upgrade my desk, too. While I had never had a standing desk prior to exploring UPLIFT desks, I have always wanted one. I compared my options and decided that UPLIFT’s V2 42×30 standing desk was going to be the perfect fit for me. I loved that I was able to completely customize it from the size to the color and I was also able to add on UPLIFT desk accessories such as a filing cabinet, extra USB hubs, a notebook and tablet stand, and a writing desk pad. Most of these accessories came with the desk at no extra charge! And when it came to seating, I thought I would get a typical chair to go with the desk since I knew I would have to ease into learning how to work at a standing desk. But instead, I chose to add on a bamboo rocker (free with my desk) and a motion stool (+$94), and I am so happy that I did. And this is why…  

Natalie in the City reviews the best electric standing desk 2022 for the home office.

How I feel after using a standing desk

I never really thought of myself as “fidgety,” but I noticed that movement while I am working helped keep me much more focused…and I would soon find out exactly how this manifested throughout my workday when I recorded a few hours of me working on my new UPLIFT stand up desk (check out the video: working from my UPLIFT standing desk). Whether I am sitting or standing, I can move my body and I think that’s why I have seen so many benefits. On the bamboo rocker, I can stand and rock side to side, and sometimes I even like to stand in the middle on one leg. With the motion stool, I can move my hips and rock back and forth while I am working. This movement helps me stay engaged in my work without feeling bored or distracted.  

Natalie in the City reviews the best electric standing desk 2022 for the home office.

One size does not fit all

I can’t stress enough just how important and game changing the versatility of this desk has been for me. I’m excited to get to work every day and I feel even better at the end of my day because my body isn’t hurting, and I have been able to get most of the work on my to-do list done. Another thing I have realized after using an electric stand up desk is that one desk size does not fit all. I don’t wear “one size fits all” clothing, so why would I ever think that a one size fits all desk would be right for me? I can’t believe that I have been sitting at desks without being able to control their height my whole life.  Whether I am sitting or standing, I find it so helpful to be able to adjust the height of my desk so that I am not slouching, leaning, or straining myself—I caught myself doing this so much when I first got my standing desk only to realize that I could change all of that with the push of a button.  

What are the benefits of a standing desk?

There are various studies that show standing desks are healthier for you than sitting desks, but the benefits of a standing desk that I noticed almost immediately were:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved mood and focus
  • Less stress
  • Higher productivity levels
  • Reduced need for caffeine / afternoon “pick me up”
  • Better posture Less neck, arm, and wrist strain
  • Higher levels of optimism about my workday


According to UPLIFT, their activity-promoting desks have been shown to have benefits like the ones I was experiencing. See, I knew I was onto something when I started walking around my apartment talking into my phone to write articles. It may have looked and sounded silly, but I had been doing my work like that for the past six months, and that’s what inspired me to get a standing desk. Overall, I am so happy that I made this much-needed change in my life, and I don’t know if I will ever be able to go back to a sitting desk ever again knowing what I know now!  

Thank you to UPLIFT for sending me this standing desk to review. All opinions and thoughts are 100% my own!

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Plus Size Jeans

How to Style Plus Size Mom Jeans

Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger Natalie in the City talks how to style plus size mom jeans and what shoes to wear

I started dabbling with plus size mom jeans over the summer and I wasn’t really crazy about them—nor did I want to be. However, since Gen Z has denounced skinny jeans, I have kind of been forced to give plus size mom jeans another shot.

Are plus size mom jeans flattering?

The short answer: No. However, I am so over dressing for flattery—as are many plus size women. Flattering clothing is supposed to slim or minimize our figure, and so obviously, loose-fitting mom jeans aren’t going to contour and hug every curve like our beloved skinny jeans. So maybe it’s a good thing that plus size mom jeans are coming into our lives because they may force us to come to terms with dressing for flattery and maybe leave the outdated, non body positive styling technique in the past.

With that being said, I totally understand the desire and need to style clothes in a way that honors your curves. And that’s why I am going to tell you all of the techniques I have learned about how to style plus size mom jeans in a way that feel natural and beautiful. I want you to feel confident in mom jeans because the truth is that plus size women can wear whatever they want! Most of these tips come from personal experience, but they also incorporate solid advice from my fabulous Instagram followers and friends! [Join the friend group!] 

How to Style Plus Size Mom Jeans

  • Find the right fit
    Like most jeans, mom jeans come in a variety of fits and styles. So you will want to find the right fit for you. For example, I like a mom jean that is fitted in the waist and thighs but then becomes a little more relaxed toward the bottom. Because I am petite and plus size, it’s also important for me to find mom jeans that either fall just above my ankle or my heel. Mom jeans that are too long will drown out my figure and make me look frumpy.
  • Pair mom jeans with a fitted top
    If you aren’t a fan of the loose or baggy fit of mom jeans, you can easily balance out proportions with a fitted top. Like in these photos, I am wearing a fitted and cropped tank top that contours my curves and makes me feel confident in these mom jeans. With that being said, you could absolutely throw on a loose-fitting sweater if that’s your vibe. But I prefer to contrast my loose bottoms with a fitted top like a crop top that allows a little bit of tummy to peak through. 
  • Tuck your top in
    If you want to highlight your hourglass figure or your curves, one easy way to do so with mom jeans is by tucking in your top. You can do a french tuck—one half of the shirt tucked in and the other untucked—or you can tie your top in a knot to the front or the side. This styling technique will help you emphasize and honor your curves.  
  • Shoes to wear with mom jeans
    I turned to my Instagram followers for help on this topic. While I highly suggest wearing a cute pair of strappy heels or mules with mom jeans, I was struggling with identifying the right shoes to wear with mom jeans for the winter time. Here in Chicago, we have our winter boots on well into late April so heels won’t be an option for me just yet. But my followers suggested, Doc Marten boots, white fashion sneakers, stiletto booties, and of course, heels! I put together a list of all the shoes that would pair perfectly with mom jeans here: MOM JEANS SHOES 
  • Experiment with different washes and distressed accents
    All kinds of denim are so versatile because they pair well with everything and they also come in many different styles. If you are just easing your way into the mom jeans trend, opt for a dark wash for starters. This may make you feel more comfortable if you are used to wearing more “flattering” jeans. I personally love light wash mom jeans and distressed mom jeans because I love that the tiny rips and holes allow my skin to show through.  
  • Just wear the damn jeans!
    Even though I have worked so hard to abandon the “dress for flattery” mindset, it still creeps back in from time to time, and that’s okay! I am unlearning YEARS of conditioning around how to live and dress in my body. On the days where I feel like I don’t want to partake in certain trends because they aren’t flattering, I push myself to anyways. At the end of the day, who is really looking to make sure my jeans or flattering or who is even looking at me like, “Wow she made the wrong choice in those jeans?” No one. and if they are, that says a lot more about them than it does me. So my advice: wear the damn jeans! If you feel confident and comfortable in them, that’s all that matters. If they aren’t your jam, don’t throw them away yet. Give yourself a chance to warm up to them.

The only opinion of you that matters is YOUR OWN! So while adapting to the new denim trend has been a challenge, I am super thankful for mom jeans encouraging me to try something new and learn to love my body in new ways. I hope you feel the same! And hey, if you still want to wear plus size skinny jeans, DO IT! I know I am not rushing to get rid of mine any time soon!

Where to Shop for Plus Size Mom Jeans:

SIZING INFO: I am wearing Fashion Nova Curve Mom Jeans in a size 18, which is my usual size and these jeans fit perfectly. They are very stretchy and comfortable and fall at the perfect length for me. I am also wearing a Fashion Nova Curve Crop Top in a size 2X, which is my usual size and it fits perfectly!


Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger Natalie in the City talks how to style plus size mom jeans and what shoes to wear








Plus Size Loungewear

Plus Size At Home Outfits

Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger Natalie in the City plus size at home outfits work from home clothes lounge dresses

Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger Natalie in the City plus size at home outfits work from home clothes lounge dresses

We are approaching the one year anniversary of “work from home for two weeks to flatten the curve.” Did we ever think we would be in the exact same situation a year from then? Probably not. But here we are!

Just to be clear, I am not complaining. While having an entire year that has felt more like a waiting room than real life, I have actually enjoyed many aspects of being able to put a pause on everything. I have also particularly enjoyed working from home. Speaking of, I got to learn a lot about myself through my work from home outfits. I quickly figured out that sweatpants and oversized tees weren’t going to cut it long term. My self esteem and confidence quickly plummeted as I no longer had an excuse to put together an outfit. But one day, I got the brilliant idea to throw on a maxi slip dress instead of sweatpants and it totally changed my idea of quarantine style. Not only did I feel so beautiful and radiant all day in this at home dress, but I felt like I had a sense of purpose.

And that totally makes sense because studies show that you can boost confidence by dressing up. So instead of spending my time—and money—shopping for work from home outfits OR comfortable plus size loungewear, I am shopping for clothes that can be both. And yes, comfortable work from home outfits that are formal enough for work exist!

I recently came across WAYF, a brand made up of staple pieces with a sophisticated and chic style. The brand is sold at Nordstrom, and they also have a wide variety of plus size clothing. I decided to order Gillian Ribbed Tank Dress, Luisa Padded Shoulder Midi Dress, Aliso Top, and Hayden Sleeveless Jumpsuit. One thing that is really unique about this brand is that they love to use shoulder pads. While I am not the biggest fan of shoulder pads, I have to admit that the dresses and top gave me a bolder look that made me feel more put together. All of the outfits were extremely comfortable, and I would say they were true to size (check out my sizing info below for more information). The thing I loved most about the Wayf clothing I ordered is that I could wear all of these pieces as workwear and loungewear. The clothes were very stretchy and comfortable. If you want to elevate your work from home wardrobe or plus size work outfits, in general, I highly recommend checking out WAYF for pieces that are versatile and comfortable! Oh, and P.S., the orange pants I am wearing are from the Eloquii x Refinery 29 collaboration.

SIZING INFO: I ordered a 2X, which is an 18W at WAYF. This is my usual size and I would say that everything fit me pretty well. Some of these garments are looser in nature so I could have sized down for a tighter fit. But I do believe everything runs true to size!

 WAYF sent me these clothes to review. All opinions are 100% my own! 

Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger Natalie in the City plus size at home outfits work from home clothes lounge dresses


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Old Navy
Old Navy
Old Navy
Old Navy
Plus Size Loungewear

The Plus Size Loungewear I am Living In

Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger Natalie in the City sexy matching loungewear sets for women at eloquii

If quarantine has taught me anything it’s that your everyday clothes can also be loungewear and that your plus size loungewear doesn’t have to be sweatpants and oversized hoodies. As we are coming up on a year of COVID-19 quarantine, I am reminded of the many phases I would go through all in the course of one month. My first phase was: Wearing plus size leggings every day is a great thing. My second phase was: There has to be more than plus size sweatpants…my confidence is at an all time low. My third phase was: wear all your favorite work from home dresses every day. Are lounge dresses a thing? 

Anyways, when I first started dressing up more, I noticed that I was feeling so much better about myself—even if I never left my apartment. I guess it’s true, when you look good, you feel good. So when I started to realize that my clothing directly affected my confidence, I started taking things out of my closet that I wouldn’t necessarily classify as loungewear sets for women and worked them into my day-to-day looks. Of course, sweatpants and cute undies were still on the agenda. I have had so much luck shopping for a matching lounge set and sexy lounge sets—because a girl still needs and wants to feel sexy in quarantine…don’t even get me started on how I wear plus size lingerie around the house for no reason. One of my favorite place to find a plus size lounge set is at Eloquii. The brand has created some beautiful loungewear pieces during the pandemic and while they used to be my go-to brand for plus size professional clothing, they have now become my one-stop shop for loungewear. If you love or want to incorporate more luxurious-looking loungewear, try looking at Eloquii. Their matching sets—like this Geo Coastal Dropped Shoulder Duster and Ruffle Waist pants are—incredible!

And remember, you NEVER need an excuse to dress up!

SIZING INFO: I am wearing a size 18 in both the duster and pants, which is my usual size, and both garments fit me perfectly! I was worried about these pants running long since I am only 5’2 (petite and plus size), but they actually were the perfect length!

Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger Natalie in the City sexy matching loungewear sets for women at eloquii

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