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How to Style Plus Size Mom Jeans

Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger Natalie in the City talks how to style plus size mom jeans and what shoes to wear

I started dabbling with plus size mom jeans over the summer and I wasn’t really crazy about them—nor did I want to be. However, since Gen Z has denounced skinny jeans, I have kind of been forced to give plus size mom jeans another shot.

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Are plus size mom jeans flattering?

The short answer: No. However, I am so over dressing for flattery—as are many plus size women. Flattering clothing is supposed to slim or minimize our figure, and so obviously, loose-fitting mom jeans aren’t going to contour and hug every curve like our beloved skinny jeans. So maybe it’s a good thing that plus size mom jeans are coming into our lives because they may force us to come to terms with dressing for flattery and maybe leave the outdated, non body positive styling technique in the past.

With that being said, I totally understand the desire and need to style clothes in a way that honors your curves. And that’s why I am going to tell you all of the techniques I have learned about how to style plus size mom jeans in a way that feel natural and beautiful. I want you to feel confident in mom jeans because the truth is that plus size women can wear whatever they want! Most of these tips come from personal experience, but they also incorporate solid advice from my fabulous Instagram followers and friends! [Join the friend group!] 

How to Style Plus Size Mom Jeans

  • Find the right fit
    Like most jeans, mom jeans come in a variety of fits and styles. So you will want to find the right fit for you. For example, I like a mom jean that is fitted in the waist and thighs but then becomes a little more relaxed toward the bottom. Because I am petite and plus size, it’s also important for me to find mom jeans that either fall just above my ankle or my heel. Mom jeans that are too long will drown out my figure and make me look frumpy.
  • Pair mom jeans with a fitted top
    If you aren’t a fan of the loose or baggy fit of mom jeans, you can easily balance out proportions with a fitted top. Like in these photos, I am wearing a fitted and cropped tank top that contours my curves and makes me feel confident in these mom jeans. With that being said, you could absolutely throw on a loose-fitting sweater if that’s your vibe. But I prefer to contrast my loose bottoms with a fitted top like a crop top that allows a little bit of tummy to peak through. 
  • Tuck your top in
    If you want to highlight your hourglass figure or your curves, one easy way to do so with mom jeans is by tucking in your top. You can do a french tuck—one half of the shirt tucked in and the other untucked—or you can tie your top in a knot to the front or the side. This styling technique will help you emphasize and honor your curves.  
  • Shoes to wear with mom jeans
    I turned to my Instagram followers for help on this topic. While I highly suggest wearing a cute pair of strappy heels or mules with mom jeans, I was struggling with identifying the right shoes to wear with mom jeans for the winter time. Here in Chicago, we have our winter boots on well into late April so heels won’t be an option for me just yet. But my followers suggested, Doc Marten boots, white fashion sneakers, stiletto booties, and of course, heels! I put together a list of all the shoes that would pair perfectly with mom jeans here: MOM JEANS SHOES 
  • Experiment with different washes and distressed accents
    All kinds of denim are so versatile because they pair well with everything and they also come in many different styles. If you are just easing your way into the mom jeans trend, opt for a dark wash for starters. This may make you feel more comfortable if you are used to wearing more “flattering” jeans. I personally love light wash mom jeans and distressed mom jeans because I love that the tiny rips and holes allow my skin to show through.  
  • Just wear the damn jeans!
    Even though I have worked so hard to abandon the “dress for flattery” mindset, it still creeps back in from time to time, and that’s okay! I am unlearning YEARS of conditioning around how to live and dress in my body. On the days where I feel like I don’t want to partake in certain trends because they aren’t flattering, I push myself to anyways. At the end of the day, who is really looking to make sure my jeans or flattering or who is even looking at me like, “Wow she made the wrong choice in those jeans?” No one. and if they are, that says a lot more about them than it does me. So my advice: wear the damn jeans! If you feel confident and comfortable in them, that’s all that matters. If they aren’t your jam, don’t throw them away yet. Give yourself a chance to warm up to them.

The only opinion of you that matters is YOUR OWN! So while adapting to the new denim trend has been a challenge, I am super thankful for mom jeans encouraging me to try something new and learn to love my body in new ways. I hope you feel the same! And hey, if you still want to wear plus size skinny jeans, DO IT! I know I am not rushing to get rid of mine any time soon!

Where to Shop for Plus Size Mom Jeans:

SIZING INFO: I am wearing Fashion Nova Curve Mom Jeans in a size 18, which is my usual size and these jeans fit perfectly. They are very stretchy and comfortable and fall at the perfect length for me. I am also wearing a Fashion Nova Curve Crop Top in a size 2X, which is my usual size and it fits perfectly!


Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger Natalie in the City talks how to style plus size mom jeans and what shoes to wear








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